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General dental care for lifelong smiles

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Bundy Family Dentistry provides a variety of general dentistry services to Ashland, NE and nearby towns. Whether you need a routine dental cleaning or your child's first tooth is coming in, our team can help you reach your dental health goals. Prevention is the key to a lifelong smile, so we utilize a number of techniques and technologies to help prevent oral health issues. We also provide restorative services like dental crowns and dental bridges to treat and protect your teeth.


You don’t have to travel far to find a great dentist. We see patients from Ashland, Waverly and Gretna. Say goodbye to long commutes. Stay close to home and have all dental services done for the whole family at one location.

Preventative Dentistry services

Regular teeth cleaning and dental exams help prevent disease and cavities. Bundy Family Dentistry believes your best smile begins with healthy gums. We recommend coming in to get your teeth cleaned every six months. In order to save you future time, money and toothaches, we make sure to set up your next dental exam at every visit. We also offer text message reminders to help you remember your appointment. We can help you maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums to keep your smile for life. At your appointment, Dr. Bundy and your hygienist will work together to help your family understand how they can take care of their teeth to keep their smile for life. We help everyone leave with plan to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Digital Impressions & X-rays

Technology treats your smile safely and in less time

Bundy Family Dentistry uses new technologies to provide the most safe, reliable and efficient dental care possible for you and your smile.  We clean your teeth, prevent disease and treat oral health issues with high-quality materials that have a proven history, ensuring that you will receive the best possible results.

Digital impression scanning

Most offices use traditional molds to understand what your mouth and bite look like. Digital impression scanning not only allows us to see a complete picture of your mouth, but also saves you from the discomfort of a metal tray and gooy impression material!

Digital X-ray imaging

Our Cone Beam CT X-Ray allows us to capture a more precise picture of your mouth with the same amount of radiation exposure as traditional X-ray machines. Seeing your bone and teeth in 3D helps us treat problems we can’t find using normal X-ray systems. This technology helps us understand what's in and around your teeth so we can help you make the best decisions for your dental health. In addition to X-rays, intra-oral cameras allow us to show you the contours of your mouth on large, high-quality TVs.


Laser treatment

We use laser treatment to minimize our patients’ discomfort while treating their teeth. Laser technology offers a more comfortable experience than traditional tools used to treat gum disease and other soft tissue issues. Lasers can also help us find and treat cavities before they become serious.


Oral DNA lab testing

We use Oral DNA testing in addition to Dr. Bundy’s experience and education to ensure an accurate diagnosis of your oral health. This technology allows us to identify and treat specific bacteria in your mouth. We can also find out whether or not you're at risk for future issues like periodontal gum disease.

Pediatric dentistry services

Dentist appointments for children

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see a dentist as soon as the eruption of their first tooth, between 6-12 months. At Bundy Family Dentistry, your child’s first visit doesn’t have to be scary. Your child's comfort and security are our highest priorities. We treat children like they are our own. Your child will control the visit. Your child can sit in the chair or on your lap, and we can play cartoons. If they allow it, Dr. Bundy will count their teeth and help them brush their teeth. We want your child’s first visit to be a positive experience that makes both of you excited to return for regular exam and cleanings.


Prevention is key to a healthy smile, so at your child’s visit we will discuss nutrition and teeth-brushing. We will also discuss preventative treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants that will help your child stay cavity-free. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your little ones.

Do I need a Pediatric dentist?

In some situations, a child's needs are best served by a specialist. Dr. Bundy and his team partner with a number of pediatric dentistry specialists in the Lincoln and Omaha area to make sure your child receives the best quality care available.

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