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Oral Surgery in Ashland, NE


We are able to do a variety of operations on your teeth at our office in Ashland. Our team specializes in teeth extractions and implants to remove and replace your teeth. We are able to complete single tooth extractions and full mouth extractions at our office. During an extraction, we remove the tooth or teeth that is bothering you. I strive to make every procedure we do as comfortable as possible.  We also can create new teeth using implants to replace missing ones. We provide single tooth replacement options all the way to full mouth implant replacement options. Call and set up a consultation today.

Emergency dentist services in Ashland, NE

Dental emergencies welcome.

If you think you're having a dental emergency, don't wait. Our 24 hour dental emergency direct line will get you in contact with Dr. Bundy.


Providing as much information as possible when you call will make sure we are ready to help you when you arrive. Before you call, be ready to answer these three questions: which tooth or teeth is bothering you, whether there was any trauma or recent damage to the area, and how long you have been experiencing pain.


Dr. Bundy can treat a variety of dental emergencies. When trauma or dental infections occur, the Bundy Family Dentistry team will diagnose the problem and treat your mouth pain as quickly as possible. If you or a family member is in pain, give us a call right away. Dr. Bundy and our team will be able to get you comfortable once again.

In pain? Don't wait to call.

Don't wait for your toothache to become an emergency.

Mouth pain can change from mild to serious quickly. Even if you do not think your tooth pain is an emergency, give us a call so we can talk to you and develop a plan.


Emergency dental services
  • Avulsed or Teeth  

  • Dental Swelling/Abscesses  

  • Lost Restorations

  • Chipped/Fractured/Broken Teeth  

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Jaw Pain

Extractions don't have to be scary

We know that oral surgery can seem intimidating. Your comfort and safety are our priorities. We use technology to make our space comfortable and help you feel relaxed. Heat, massage and headphones can relieve any stress in the chair. We can also use sedation dentistry if you have anxiety about receiving dental treatment to help you keep calm. Dr. Bundy has acquired advanced training in sedating patients with oral medications. He uses nitrous oxide gas to help calm and relax patients. Our combination of oral sedation and a calming environment empowers our patients to overcome their fears and be comfortable during dental procedures.  

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